We have you covered with a  wide variety of brands, shapes/sizes, colors, and types of windows.  We offer NFRC rated windows that comply the Okanogan PUDs rebate program, and state-of-the-art coatings such LoĒ³-366 Glass.  Drop in, or contact us today to learn more.


Design For Our Climate

Central Washington & Eastern British Columbia have a diverse climate.  From snow capped peaks to desert valleys, homes in our area are subject to just about everything nature has to offer. Ensuring your getting the right windows for the job is the first step in any successful project.


A window is more than just a pane of glass. It's a complex unit that can be built in a number of combinations. Energy efficient windows feature an insulating glass unit of two or three panes as well as Low-E coatings, gas fill and a variety of engineering advancements that stop the transfer of heat and cold. Together these high tech options make a glazing package.

Extreme tempatures can result in costly utility bills.  New energy efficient windows and doors are crucial to maintaining your home's comfort all year long, especially during the coldest and hottest months. In fact, replacing single-pane glass windows with ENERGY STAR® certified products can save you $146 to $501 on energy costs annually.

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Each window should be chosen based not just on the location of your home but its specific location on your home.

  • South-facing windows are well suited for comforting solar heat in the winter.
  • North-facing windows do not typically bring in direct sunlight or solar heat but rather cooler, muted light.
  • East- and west-facing windows tend to receive more sunshine in the summer than in the winter, potentially bringing uncomfortable solar heat gain.
  • In general, all south- and west-facing windows are more susceptible to solar heat gain, depending on shading conditions such as trees, adjacent buildings, overhanging rooflines or awnings.
IMAGE COURTESY of Jeld-wen windows

IMAGE COURTESY of Jeld-wen windows

  • Overhang protection. The protection you provide to your exterior door is a major factor in its maintenance requirements and longevity. An overhang, as shown, is a necessity to prolong the life of wood doors and is beneficial for steel and fiberglass doors, too. Overhangs protect the door's finish, minimize the need for refinishing and help keep the elements out of the home.

Read more: Review Jeld-Wen's Appropriate Protection guidelines to determine the correct overhang for your door.

IMAGE COURTESY of Jeld-wen windows

IMAGE COURTESY of Jeld-wen windows


Design Options

  • Color – Add excitement to your windows with a range of beautiful colors. Designed to accentuate your home’s visual appeal, including exterior finishes and interior furnishings, colors are available in clad-wood, vinyl and aluminum windows.

  • Hardware – It’s easy to complement your existing décor with our variety of hardware finishes.
  • Grilles – Grilles (also called grids or lites) are the decorative pieces that divide the window into panes. Many homeowners include grilles with their windows to accent the architecture of their homes. Common types of grilles include simulated divided lites (SDL), which give the illusion of a true divided lite window because the grilles adhere to the surface of the glass; and grilles between the glass (GBG) where the grille bars are sandwiched between the panes of glass. GBGs are a more economical option and minimize cleaning. Other options include full surround removable grilles (wood windows only) and grilles in different profiles and bar widths.
  • Glass options – The glass you select for your windows can add both style and performance benefits. Impact-resistant glass will provide protection against hurricane-force winds and intruders. Low-E glass will provide energy efficiency benefits and protection against UV fading. Decorative and textured glass provides varying degrees of privacy and adds charm.

Get the Okanogan PUD  Window Rebate

Okanogan County PUD offers a $3.00 per square foot rebate. If your home has single pane windows with or without storm windows with any type of frame (wood or metal) or double pane metal frame windows with or without storm windows and you replace them with energy efficient windows.

New windows must be Energy Star rated and have a U Factor of at least 0.30 or lower. The lower the U Factor the more efficient the window.  Check out the NFRC window label below for an example of the label attached to all new windows detailing important window efficiency information.

NFRC Label must meet the PUDs U-Factor requirement of 0.30 or less.

NFRC Label must meet the PUDs U-Factor requirement of 0.30 or less.


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